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Our Approach to Jewelry

Jewelry is deeply personal and profoundly sentimental to us. It reminds us of our mothers and grandmothers, of when we first became enamored with the sparkle of diamonds or the lure of pearls. Oftentimes, jewelry marks special milestones in our lives: a gold locket given to a young girl, diamond earrings gifted on a wedding day, a sapphire ring inherited from a grandmother. Each piece tells a story, preserves history, and connects the old to the new. Much like we treasure the memories from the people and occasions on which we received the jewelry, we too treasure jewelry because it continues to beautifully and artistically connect us to what was, what is, and what lies before us.  With jewelry, the script is continually being written.

Our love of the story, people and memories are what motivates us at Amanda Pinson Jewelry. We want to know our customers and how each piece of jewelry fits into their lives. Are you looking for a stunning gold necklace to mark your 40th wedding anniversary? Or are you a young woman looking to begin a collection and need advice on where to start? Or perhaps you are a busy mother looking for that perfect go-to piece of jewelry that’s always right.

We have a love affair with all things beautiful and timeless, sophisticated and clean, and we invite you into our world of sapphires and radiant golds, diamonds and topaz. Whether it is in our light-filled boutique located in the evolving urban district of Chattanooga, Tennessee, or on our social media communities, we welcome you into our story and look forward to being part of yours.

TUES - FRI   10-5    SAT  12-4              WAREHOUSE ROW    1110 Market St,  Chattanooga           Text or Call  423 209 2828     info@amandapinsonjewelry.com